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by Drew Hart

First off, let me say that Im very glad that the other people posting reviews here had a great time at the show, and thought it sounded great. I loved the stage and how it looked, and the set list was fantastic. I would have liked to have heard Bad, but I certainly couldnt complain about what they did play.

I also agree that Conseco Fieldhouse is a spectacular arena, but I think its better suited for basketball and not music concerts. You people must have been on the floor or in the lower arena and had speakers aimed at you. Us in the cheap ($85!!!!) nosebleed seats (about 10 rows from the top) felt like our neighbors next door were hosting a great live U2 show. We couldnt understand a word Bono said in between songs and had no idea when lyrics were changed up. It was extremely frustrating. My only other U2 experience was at the Lexington Rupp Arena in 1987 when Bono was sick and lost his voice a few times during the show, so Ive kind of gotten hosed twice now. Unless Im in the first 20 rows or so, I will never attend another concert in the Fieldhouse. With the prices paid for tickets, the sound was inexcusable, something which the band doesnt necessarily have total control over, but Ive seen other bands compensate in other arenas (Pink Floyd and R.E.M. to name a few).

Hopefully, theyll do an outdoor arena tour and Ill get a chance to actually hear a good U2 show. Again, this is not to mock any of the previous reviewers who obviously had a great time, and Im certainly happy you did. This is merely some frustration aimed at the sound techs and the arena for not taking care of all of the paying customers.

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