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by Jeff Wrablik

What can I say? U2 puts on another good show. Though I prefer my seats last time I saw them on POP MART, 2nd row center, sitting in the upper tear was still a good time. I agree that the sound up there wasn't as crisp as it could have been, but it wasn't horrible. I felt Adam's bass echo through me a few times.

Definte highlights were the snip-it of the Beatles "Happy Birthday" during "Elevation", that song rocked! I am so happy they played
"Kite", just a beautiful song. The "Mysterious Ways" congo line with 20-30 girls following Bono was hilarious. I have never heard "All I Want is You" live, and finally the 4th U2 show of my life--I heard it. And seeing Edge and Bono singing "Stay, (Faraway, So Close!)" together on the front of the cat walk was another great moment.

I hope your time was as great/meaniful, also.

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