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by Bonowall

Well, I hate to say this, but Continental Airlines Arena sucked bigtime tonight. This is not to say that the almighty U2 performed badly, but I can say that the acoustics were VERY poor, the air was steamy, and the friggin aisle lights were so bright that the house lights might as well have been on for the entire show. I have seen TONS of shows there, but tonight finally helped me understand why the state is planning on destroying the place overthe next two years.

As far as the Boys are concerned - WTSHNN is still a religious experience that should be seen by anyone who likes the band! Bono's human experience with messing up the words of Stay was fun - he caught himeself and worked through it. Bono called up two women tonight - the one of mention happened during WOWY...he laid down at the tip of the heart, picked a woman from the audience and then had her lay next to him while he finished the song - nice!!!

Aside of that, it was the same show - the same intros to each song - and ultimately, no surprises at all. I will continue to see them over and over, but I really wish they would stop being so conservtive. It doesn't make sense to charge a fan $133 to see them A) from across the venue at mid level seating and B) when you are going to play the same songs in the same order as you did for the past three shows. U2 suffers from TRIPLE C (Carbon Copy Concert) syndroym.

I was planning on going to the final show tomorrow in hopes that they will shake things up for the last night of the tour in the states,but i am sorry to say that I don't have the fath that there will be a difference and I am running out of change....

(please pardon the typos)

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