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by Damian O''Leary

U2 on this tour are simply fantastic. They are playing the right mix for the real U2 fan. Their enthusism is unparrelled. However seeing them three times in the last 10 days and seeing them on their last US date I thought they could do a better job mixing the varity of their selections ESPECIALLY while playing in the metropoliton areas. Knowing the tickets are not cheap I don't have a problem paying $130 a pop to following them from city to city but please for the fans that are getting out there and making an effort we don't want to here the exact setlist 4 days later (as was with the June 17 and June 21st shows).

The sound in the arena was definately lacking. Seeing them in the Garden last Sunday the sound was fantastic but hearing Elevation last night was terrible. Bono's voice was getting drowned at the wrong moments. Also why don't they keep Bad open ended and have the crowd go "aaahhhhh ahh ahh ahh" after the song finishes like they did so well before. If any one can let me know I would appreciate it.

Great show, great band, Bono is the best for getting the crowd really involved, but some shows the sound could be better.

Looking forward to seeing them back in the fall.

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