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by Greg T

Just got back from show 1 at Continental and I have only one question to ask all the people who posted negative reviews: What could you possibly have to complain about. I must say going in I was very excited still to see this show because I like to form my own views and not take what others have said and let it bring me down. And as they were playing I was thinking to myself, what are these people talking about? They were flawless musically. All 4 played their role perfectly. I think Bono screwed up the opening line of COBL but that was it. The complaints about the setlist not flowing made no sense at all to me. All the versions of all the songs were incredible. I remember one fan review from one show saying that RTSStill had no passion. Please, the song moved me to tears practically. Do you want them to do the same song the same way all the time. I like that they went back to the original way it should be played with edge on piano. And to those of you complainng about WTSHNName being played without the red backdrop, would you please get a life. Because if this was the biggest disappointment of your show you really need to figure things out in your complaint dept. Bono's political speeches tonight were to the point, eloquent and moving. I don't think it is fair to say that he should leave it at home. He's reaching out to people who care about the music and the music is about serious issues in this world. We should be grateful he educates us on things lie the "one" campaign. I'm sorry folks, but I just really don't see where there is any room to complain about anything at this show. Unles, maybe the sound was not good at your arena, that I can understand. But the set list really flows, a few ld songs in there - the songs like BTBSky and SBSunday that everyone thinks they should recycle were the ones that got the crowd into it. I have to say I was glad to see NYD removed from the set tonight. Okay, enough venting - now to the show.
My buddy and I left from work at 4:30, got there around 5 and waited on the GA line to get into the show. We started outside on this line at 5 pm and began going inside around 6. We were talking to these college kids who came down from Colby College in Maine to see the show. They were driving back to Maine that night after the show, to catch a 6 am white water rafting trip from school. Oh man, to be young again, I can not imagine driving 6 hours after standing in GA all night, to get no sleep and catch a bus to go out rafting in the sun all day. More power to them. Any way - they ended up getting in the circle and although my buddy and I wanted to be in there we were happy that they got in. They drove so far and had a long trip aead, plus it was their first U2 show so it made it memorable for them. We get in Kings of Leon came on. I won't waste more than 2 sentences on them. They were awful. A run down garage type, drunken biker bar band AT BEST! They played 45 minutes, which was 44 minutes too long. Finally a break. But have I mentioned yet that I have now been standing for 3 hours straight, starting from waiting on the GA line. Ok, lights, go down, it's dark... But City of Blinding Lights opens the show. I saw all the members on stage and I'm saying, "Where's Bono?" Now I am standing about 5 deep in GA right dead center of the stage, and then he comes rising up on this elevator like platform, lifting him to the stage level. "Oh, there he is!." Really cool moment for me!Definitely wanted to hear this as the opener. I'll probably get L+P Wednesday night. Next came Vertigo, then Elevation, - loved the way they changed this for this tour. Bass and drums kick in much later in the song. Electric Co and An Cat Dubh ==> Into the Heart to follow. Electric co was awesome. Bono grabbed a girl from the audience about 7 or 8 years old and walked her around the elipse like in every other show. although I knew this was coming it was still a moving moment for me. Next came Beautiful Day followed by Miracle Drug and SYCMIOYO. both very good, Sunday Bloody Sunday to follow and when Larry went into the drums as the song ends he only hit a few beats and they went right into Bullet. Running to stand still was beautiful - everyone sang along. I love the halelujah's at the end. Pride Streets and One closed out the set. Please people, get over the red back drop not being there and I read that the intro was forced and not as long as usual. Well, I didn't hear that tonight. It was long and built up nicely into the drums and bass crashing in. One was awesome. Edge's guitar at the end almost made me cry. That really is a truly amazing song. -- Ok, encore was Zoo, Fly, Mysterious Ways, loved to hear the Achtung set, really felt like Zoo TV for a minute again! 2nd encore was a little surprise with Original of the Species - great version - no guitar on this one. Bono sang and edge on Piano. Edge was beginning All because of you and bono stopped him, kind of funny - he made an announcement that sometimes guitar players are too fast.. funny. Then All because of you - really got the crowd roaring. Slowed down a lot with an acoustic Yahweh. really nice. Larry played his Fisher Price keyboard for this one. No drums. Then 40 and everyone left and Larry was alone drumming away, then he gets faster and faster and faster and then - boom, they are all back out again. I looked at my buddy and I was like What the F? VERTIGO - reprise. Bono said something like in Italy in the opera if they like a song they play it twice. That got the place going nuts again. No one was sitting for this (obviously) I was trying to jump up and down, but with herniated discs, after standig now for over 6 STRAIGHT HOURS I was about wiped out and had just enough energy to respond to hello hello with "Hola's". So now the show comes to an end. I looked around and there was nothing but floods of empty bottles and wrappers etc all over. The place was a mess, my back was aching, I was sweating like a pig, but I realized I had nothing to complain about. I just saw the greatest rock and roll band play a great set and I really couldn't ask for a better show. On 5/18 I will be i the 200 section and I have to say I am so glad I have a seat tonight because I don't think I could do this all over again. I would like to say for those holding GA tickets. Do not waste your time waiting in line. You will get in and you will have plenty of time to find a good spot. If you're completely obsessed and need to be 5 feet from Bono, then by all means, don't let me sway you from your compulsions. But if your only concern is to get in the circle, don't bother waiting forever, it's all random and you have just as good of a shot (or better) of getting into the circle as let's say, the woman who got there at 1 in the afternoon and didn't get in the circle. Just looking out for everyone, don't waste your time. You will be standing for about 6 hours or more by the time the show ends. And in the GA section, with the stale scent of rotted, molded, unrefrigerated cheese that rests itself stagnantly it is not exactly ideal. But like I said, I have nothing to complain about. I hope everyone enjoys themselves at least half as much as I enjoyed this show on 5/17. It was worth the wait, the energy lost, the excitement, and the set list.

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