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by Dan

WOW, thats all i can say. Tonight was my first U2 concert and it definately did not dissapoint. A couple of my fears were answered tonight, Bono unlike previous posts, sounded AMAZING best ive ever heard him sound in a concert setting and i have all their DVDs. the other fear, crowds not being into the show. Definately not this show, NJ rocked tonight and U2 made it obvious they appreciated it because after mysterious ways you could see Bono doing a spur of the moment type of thing, talking to all the members then they went into original of the species which he said has only been done "a half dozen times". (this sound is not as powerful as it is on the cd because Edge has to play the piano so there is no guitar). And i was BLOWN AWAY when Vertigo was played again after 40! Bono must have been loving us.
Some other notes, the stage is just breathtaking. Love and Peace is not a good live song, its a GREAT live song, total surprise. The "sets" work really well, I call them the "war set" (Love and peace,Sunday,Bullet)the "Africa set" (pride,streets,one) and "achtungbaby set"(zoostation,fly,mysterious ways). What a great night.

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