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by viktor

U2 put on a great great show on 05/17. I was really surprised by the length of the encore set and I was REALLY happy to hear 40. I thought I'd never get to sing "hoowww loonng..." I thought it was very cool they did the old school encore performance of Vertigo! It was 10x better the second time.

Anyway, I was a little disappointed with the Jersey fans overall. I think U2 performed great, but I feel the Jersey fans were fairly tame. There were some awkward moments (i.e. Sunday Bloody Sunday, 1st Vertigo) when Bono was expecting the crowd to follow his lead in chanting.. but got little response. C'mon people, wake up! It's U2 not a freaking goth band! It was the first time in years that I heard Bono, and not the crowd, during One and Streets.

The set needs to be tweaked a bit for the next leg for more energy. It has some downer moments, especially Cat Dubh. Good tune, but not sure if it's a good live song. Another Time Another Place would have rocked far more.

I thought Running to Stand Still was about heroin addiction, but the song was to the troops abroad(?)

Thank you U2 for rocking the house -- I hope the 05/18 Jersey fans have a chance to stop by Dunkin' Donuts for some coffee before the show.

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