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by jake

This is my 3rd U2 show (Boston Garden - Joshua Tree and MSG - post 9/11 Elevation). I was in Section 214 to the side of the stage and I thought I had a great view. Great stage set-up, the lights on the stage are one of the stars of the show (no pun intended). I have been reading the review on u2tours and was a little concerned that the show was too "theme-oriented (ie. dark and heavy) and less spontaneous. As we all know, the show will only be as good as how Bono is feeling that night, especially if he feels the crowd is into the show. Tonite, I think he felt that energy and you can tell that he definitely likes New Jersey. I have read in the past that there have been great shows at Meadowlands and that the band like the sound in the arena and it is a bit more raw and less snobby than MSG and it was true. The crowd was a mix of everyone and there were families with young kids which boggled me a bit because that must have cost some money for this show. Meadowlands is great because you can tailgate before the show and it was great for me to catch up with friends Jen and Sean for a beer before the show. Since I went alone (left wife and young child at home for this show - she will come along for an October show - her 1st U2 show (now that will be a treat)) I never felt uncomfortable, everyone was very cool.

The set had something for everyone and I have to admit, Miracle Drug is not a bathroom song, it is a great song live. So is most of the album which I realized listening to my Ipod this morning on the bus to work. For most of us die-hard U2 fans, every song in the show was great and kept you wanting for more. Vertigo, Original of the Species and the Achtung Baby set made the encore almost as good as the real set.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I thought it was a great show for the 1st leg. Not as much emotion from the crowd as the post 9/11 shows but I think that those were once in a lifetime moods (hopefully). Thanks.

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