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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Dallas

Jersey show #1 was truly amazing! So much energy from the band, and the crowd (although our particular section was sitting down a few times - a no-no during this energetic outing!). I've been reading the reviews of the first leg of the tour posted on u2tours.com, and admittedly, was a bit skeptical of the flow of the songs. I'm now a believer...they blend so well live. This is a true U2 rock tour...you can tell that Edge is loving is, stamping his feet, shaking his guitar, moving around a lot more than in previous tours (all the members are quite active throughout the entire show). Very few slow periods during the show - mostly bangin', uptempo tunes.

I also want to point out that the stage set-up is so cool! We were up in the rafters (tough to get tickets this tour!), but there really are no bad seats in the house (just better ones!). From our vantage point, you can see the multi-coloured lights swirling around the bombshelter and the stage, and those hanging lights are tight! As always, U2 provides not only musical delight, but also phenomenal visual stimulation as well.

I'm a huge fan of the band - like so many others who check this site out - and so they could come out and play static and distortion and I would think it was an amazing show. However, my passion for the band aside, and being objective for a moment, this really is an amazing show. Notably, a lot less talk between songs, but the flow is there, which is so important. I loved LAPOE live - so powerful. Also, Electric Co. was phenomenal - over 20 years old, and still so on point. An Cat Dubh was really cool too.

The encore songs were amazing as well. Zoo Station is such a great song to come out to, although, not sure how the crowd was feeling it. Still, it's a great song live, and they did a great version of it. As always, The Fly just is one of their best live songs - so energetic. Long encore tonight - Original of the Species, although not a fav of mine, was an excellent version, with Edge on the piano - no guitar. Yahweh acoustic is very nice as well.

By far though, I think the coolest part of the show was when, during 40, just when we thought Larry was going to end by himself on the drums, he starts picking up the beat at the end of the song, and the band returns for Vertigo to close the show...awwwww man! That was out of control! The song had more energy the second time around at the end - and anyone who saw the show live knows how pumpin' it was in the beginning of the show. It was the right way to end this rock show!

All in all, a truly amazing show...just so much fun and good energy. The band was tight, Bono's voice was excellent - I can't say a bad thing about the show. Can't wait to see them in the Fall at MSG (unless I can get tickets for Saturday...so, um, see them in October/November!!).

Go see the show. It's not to be missed.


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