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8 shows for me since ZooTv, Propaganda member...blah, blah, blah.

I'm not the typical fan who loves everything U2 puts out. I have no problem admitting when they put out garbage.

I was very skeptical going in because 1) I think the new album is very weak 2) the fan reviews of the tour have been mixed 3) the stage looks like a Elevation copy

With all that being said I was really pleasantly surprised. In fact it was a great show!

There were definitely parts of the show that dragged (Boy songs). Bono's speeches were very corny and calculated. They just barely kept it together for OOTS.

Even with these issues the show on-the-whole works very well. The band's engery was high, Bono's voice was strong, the overall sound was clear, and the stage and lighting was excellent.

There were two main highlights for me:

1) The Achtung Baby trio (Zoo Station, The Fly, Mysterious Ways)--the music, the lighting, the screens, the stage...very ZooTV!!! I loved it. That's my favorite U2 era so I guess I'm partial but I really thought all the entire Vertigo production came together best at that point. A feast for all your senses.

2) Vertigo encore. Sounds strange to play a song twice but it really works--left the audience in a frenzy.

Is this tour as ground breaking as ZooTV. NO. Is it as over-the-top as Popmart. NO. But it's not suppose to be.

Erase all the other tours from your mind and just enjoy this one for what it is.

I was prepared to come to this forum ready to slam the tour and give up on the band. Luckily, I came away with a truly positive experience.

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