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by Fran

Amazing! First show this tour, and it was amazing! The sound was a little off, I think at the Arena (or maybe it was just because I was in the nose-bleeds) but it still didn't take away from the show! This was my 15th U2 show altogether...and yes,I have been one of those "Joshua Tree" fans for the past several years that were never satisfied after 1987(until the Garden show after 9/11 in October 2001 which was the all-time HigH for me). But, last night clinched it. To all of the fans (such as I have been)who think they're never going to top the Joshua Tree shows....You're right! The energy of the fans is never going to be the same and be grateful you got to see those shows!!! But, it's time to get over it...It's not the band's fault that we fans aren't 17 anymore!! We're a bunch of moms and balding dads...lol...As far as this tour, The best part for me was the Boy stuff!! "Into the Heart"!!! GREAT! The stage is wide open, so you can't go wrong anywhere you're seated..Edge gets better everyday! Larry & Adam are more interactive than I've ever seen them, and Bono, as always, is the Best Front Man in the world! I might be crazy, but I think that Edge & Adam switched instruments at the end....I think Adam was playing guitar & Edge bass???? Musically, The band played better than I've ever heard them, and the new album plays awesome live! I'm not a big fan of Love & Peace on the cd, but that might have been another highlight live!!!! and, Original of the Species was like a special treat....The setlist flows amazingly well, and I'm not understanding anyone who disagrees with that??? I loved the encore Vertigo!! For me, it was like their way of saying "Screw-You" to all of the complaining fans (like myself) who were screaming for Bad!!! It was like, "so you're going to live in the past and turn your nose up at everything new??? Now, you have to listen to Vertigo again!!"....And, it was one of the best songs all night! Can't wait 'til the Garden in October! I don't know why they're holding-out on Crumbs, but I'm sure they'll bring it back for us in the fall!!!!

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