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by tim

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. So exhausted from that ride. I'm in the parallel universe that exists here of people who can't find a thing to complain about this show. The Jersey crowd was so into it the boys rewarded us with not one but two bonuses: Original of the Species and a second Vertigo. It was so awesome how Bono went around to coordinate OOTS and then Edge still started off with the guitar. I'm glad I don't live in the universe where that's "a mistake". After OOTS Bono asked "That was pretty good wasn't it? Um, yeah way! Then when Larry started up-ing 40's tempo into the second Vertigo instead of drawing the set to a close, I think half the crowd's chins dropped to the floor before the arenas roof was blown off.

I loved how the crowd pretty much sang the first two verses of Elevation for Bono. And even though I knew the Boy songs were coming, I could not wipe the stupid grin off of my face. An Cat Dubh/Heart have that ah-ah-ah-oh-oh chorus that is made for a live set. When Bono was sitting on the side of the Bomb Shelter rocking back and forth like a toddler, thats how I felt - I was done. The show could have ended there and I would have been...okay maybe not.

Miracle Drug is so sweet. Edge could play those opening chords for days and I'd stand there listening. The SYCMIOYO segue into SBS was seamless. There is just no catching your breath in this show. For instance, I was still shocked by All Because of You I wasnt sure Yahweh was happening until it was half over. Or maybe that was my confusion around seeing (and I love that, prior Poster) Larrys Fischer Price keyboard?

The new Zoo Station was a cool surprise for me, too. Bono's giddy-up with the uncontrollable marionette imitation cracked me up. And that encore. Sheeit. Sharing a night with the boys, with my wife, the music, the crowd, the segues, the lights, the visuals: theres nothing to complain about. If you havent seen this tour yet abolish any anxiety caused by reading prior whiney reviews and get excited: this tour is awesome.

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