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by Marco Dunn (Bolivia)

Second of three shows I have attended so far, and positively the best one. Waited for a ticket since noon until 8:25 Pm, but finally got in! Not GA, but was glad in the end, since the show from above its quite different than being on the floor. The lights and effects do make a difference, especially during songs like Vertigo and Miracle Drug.

Highlights: Original of the Species, Bono actually appeared to decide to play this at the last second, since The Edge was ready to go into Yahweh. It was beautiful; Bono shared with the crowd at the end “that was all right, wasn't it".

Yahweh, this song is getting more and more into people, the acoustic version is really touching.

2nd Vertigo, right after 40, the band surprised everyone and came as loud as the beginning with Vertigo and close to the end Bono tells people that is time for some Italian lessons..otrora means again again and people start yelling otrora! otrora! and The edge goes right back into the chorus of Vertigo. Electrifying.

U2 rocked New Jersey on this show. The trip from Bolivia, and the traveling around has been more than worth the effort.


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