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by bonobear

WOW...my 13th U2 concert and counting. The boys never disappoint, that's for sure.

COBL was an awesome opener and paired with the one-two punch of Vertigo got things moving nicely. Great arrangement for Elevation as well!

Damn it was hot in the Arena tonight!

Miracle Drug is one of their best songs off of HTDAAB, and strangely it generated little warmth with tonight's crowd other than a few of us singing and polite applause at the end. SYCMIOYO was breathtaking! Damn the Bonoman can still sing!!!

I can do without hearing Sunday Blood friggin Sunday for like the millionth time (I am SO glad they dropped New Year's Day as well!). Not to commit sacriledge, but play something else will ya guys? You are the top attraction in music these days (F* the Rolling Stones) and that means you can pull out an Ultraviolet or A Sort of Homecoming once every 55 shows, can't ya?

Bullet seemed rushed, not quite an ending for the song at all...

Pride was chilling in the intensity that this band can whip up with a few opening chords. Streets and One were also top notch.

Great setlist, though not the one I was hoping for. I would have loved to hear The Electric Co., but at least we got Gloria, and boy did they rock that one!

My favorite part, and forgive the cynicsm, was when they went into The Ocean after Gloria and people started leaving to use the bathroom/get more beer, etc. (This is only four songs into the show and people get up to take care of business during the first slow song???)

Anyway, they launched into Beautiful Day and it was funny (and poetic Justice) watching the same people come scurrying back into the arena :)

(Serves them right!)

Anyway, great show except I did not get "40" as the closer!!! UGH!!!

Sure, we got a rousing performance of Bad, probably my favorite U2 song, but no 40!!! More than anything else I was pumped to hear a full version of this as opposed to the teasing they did on the last two tours after basically ignoring that they ever closed with it for like 16 years since the '89 Lovetown tour ended New Year's Eve at the Point in Dublin.

Instead Bono shone a spotlight around the arena(skipped our section too...) as people sang "How long..." during Bad, but the crowd just wasn't into keeping it going. Probably because it was so damned HOT in the arena.

Shame, since one of my favorite U2 experiences has always been the entire crowd chanting "How long, to sing this song..." all the way to the parking lot at full blast after the Jousha Tree tour came to NJ. I guess the times they are a changin...

I was hoping that my best friend Chris would have heard them do that, since it was his first (but NOT the last after tonight) U2 show he's been to. Ah newbies...

Just nitpicking, I guess...still the best band on the planet, hands down. Such an uplifting experience. And DAMN the way they do The Fly rocks!!!!!!!

Did I mention that it was HOT tonight?

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