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by Michael D''Anca

This was my fourth u2 concert, first on this tour, and, after hearing my friend's remarks on their performance from the night before, I was expecting a very good show, but not a great one. Needless to say, I was totally wrong.
The band was as tight as ever, with Bono taking the vocals over the top and really, really getting into it, I haven't heard him sing like that it probably about 10 years. The band itself really seemed to be enjoying the moment, Adam walking around the elipse several times, Larry actually smiling more than once, and the edge pumping his fist in the air before he launched into guitar licks. Bono's molologues were for the most part eloquently brief, and I really appreciated his dedication of Miracle Drug to all Doctors and nurses (I'm an intern)
Some notable points:
Gloria was incredible, although the inclusion of The Ocean kinda screwed up the momentum of the show, even though it was great.
Bullet the Blue Sky, Edge's solo was more crisp, without a lot of the distortion and his usual zoom and boom effects, he played it with quite a blues feel, I was impressed.
The Acoustic version of Yahweh was out of this world, stripped down, really sounded like a prayer.
At the end, Edge had the guitar all prepared for Origin of the Species, but as they tried to usher the Bank Rollers off stage, Bono whispered something to the Edge, and he changed guitars, ultimately to close with Bad/40, which I though was the most powerful song of the show. The lights did stay off for 3 min after they left, perhaps they were considering coming out the do another song, but i feel that might have taken away from the closing.

All in all, a phenomenal performance.

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