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by rob

Last night was the tenth time I saw U2 in concert. I am very blessed.
I chose New Jersey rather than the Garden because I couldn't get any tickets for the Garden. I was a little apprehensive since the last few concerts I had seen there (non u2) had been fairly flat.
Fortunately this ranked as one of my best nights ever.
Although Bono has lost some of his energy since 2001 and Mr. Mullen looks like he is at least 60, Mr. Clayton and the Edge are wearing their 40's very well. Bono looked smaller than usual without his high heeled boots on.
the band came on at 9pm and it was a good thing as they had stopped selling beer. It soon became apparent that the concert was only about the music and no gimmicks. The special effects were limited to lighting and stage management which is also a good thing. For all of you out there who remember Pop and Zoo the 2005 U2 shows are a breath of fresh air.
The new album dominates the set list but I have been listening to the new album a lot recently and it really is excellent. It is much better than the more commercial elevation tour.
Gloria was a pleasant surprise . I don't think they have played Gloria for 20 years live.
The usual Sunday Bloody Sunday, Pride, Streets have no name and One got the normal reception and were performed amazingly. The non die hard fans went berserk at these songs and quite rightly so. I thought Miracle Drug,Yahweh, The City of Blinding Lights and All because of you were amazing. A lot of people in the crowd obviously didn't have the new album , which I find a little strange. Why would anyone pay all that money to not know half the set list?
The introduction of a local band to play I still haven't found what I'm looking for was comical and I must say the lead guitarist carried himself really well. What a thrill for those guys.
The absolute highlight for me was the finale with Bad ( full version, non snippet.) They should play Bad at every concert. It is as much an anthem to them as One is . For all those who remember Live Aid , BAD is their favorite song and is the very best song live. The crowd went nuts and I went into a trance. I think I looked like a Jesus freak by that point. I admit that every time I hear Bad I lose it completely. It is my favorite song of all time and judging by their set lists on the Vertigo tour , I had a one in four chance of hearing it.
When I got home my wife asked me if it was as good as the 2001 MSG concert pre 9-11.
I hesitated for a second , probably from the alcohol but I did manage to think and replied. It wasn't better, it was different. Bono is certainly less energetic . He no longer runs incessantly around the stage and instead jumps up and down a lot. The Edge is still the best guitarist alive and Mullen is the un assuming genius on bass. U2 are four guys who write amazing music and are by far the tightest band musically out there. There are no backing singers or other guest appearances on stage. There are simply the best in the business and have been for 20 years.
I can't wait till the fall when I will pay large sums of money to see them again.

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