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by Phil R

Alright... back at work. 24 hours ago I was skipping out the door to get ready for U2 in NJ. Now 24 hours after that, I am still trying to hash out what happened to me. Its all good! Just impressions of the show and travel:

And here are my photos from the show.

* Thanks to Mike and T.T. for the ride up and back
* Didn't win the scan in to the Elipse again, zero for 4 now.
* The crowd was late arriving, at 7:15 or so, I would say less than 10% of the seats were occupied.
* Ran in to Gavin Friday several times. He was busy playing host to folks in the VIP area.
* Saw Elvis Costello for the first time
* Got to hear Gloria again, wonderful!
* A couple kids got up on stage right at the end and "took over" the gig to play I Still Haven't Found
* Got to hear Bad at the end of the show
* Bono's voice got stronger as the show went along
* The arena was quite warm!
* Great to see some U2 friends I hadn't seen since the Elevation tour, but I chat with just about every day on line.

Over all a great show... super glad I could make it out for my birthday.

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