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by Irish Pride (Brendon)

Wow, what a great way for me to spend my 20th birthday. From Blinding Lights to Bad i never stopped singing and punching the air. I'm the kid that wore that Bono shirt with Irish Pride written in his sunglasses, rare shirt, and alotta people were yelling at me "Hey I want that shirt" it was pretty funny... On to the show

Wow, i'm not sure if anyone has posted anything negative about this show yet but if you did, than you might as well go and burn your cd's and just go be miserable elsewhere. How could anyone have had a bad time last night? I'm from new york but due to an elevation jersey show falling on my mothers 40th and this one, my 20th we go the extra miles. It seems to me Bono loves jersey, on the 17th they got the longest encore and last night was phenomenal. Even the Elevation show (june 22 '01) was sick, with the debut of Wild Honey. For anyone who hasn't seen a show, BONO, you can't take your eyes off him.
He's always doing something either funny, like his zoo tv acts, or symbolic, pretending to be a prisoner with his co-exist blindfold on. Song highlights without listing every one...Blinding Lights, Gloria, Love and Peace, Running to Stand Still, and pleasantly suprised at how beautiful Yahweh sounded. Otherwise anything Achtung is great for me. My absolute favorite part of the show goes to anytime those bead curtains come down. What a great addition to an already amazing live show, those guys are the best, and i cant wait to see them at MSG in Nov. Hopefully this smile I cant wipe off my face since last night lasts til then.

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