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by Marco Dunn (Bolivia)

This was actually a present to me for my 33rd birthday. Far away from home and from loved and not so loved ones, meeting U2 fans and just traveling to as many concerts as I can. So I had great seats bought in advance from ETS, the tour operator, and had a blast with them at the Night Out Party in Jersey before the show.

Highlights: The power set, or the first three songs sounded awesome. In City Of BL Bono started the show with the wrong lyrics, the more you know the less you know.." , but I do not think anyone noticed or cared really. New tunes added to this show, Gloria and The Ocean replaced electric Co. and An Cat Dubh ( thank you U2). Love Peace or Else is quite extraordinary and Bono did not miss the tempo of the drums to the Sunday Bloody Sunday transition as I think he did in the 2 previous shows. The local band Bank Robbers got the dream of a lifetime and played a noticeable unrehearsed version of Still Havent Found..but U2 played along and sang with them. It was fun watching the Bank Robbers guitar player trying to get Larry to "click in" on his tempo. Larry just smiled and did his best.

The band closed with BAD. This is my birthday present and I can rest in peace now.

I will see them in Philadelphia on the 22nd for the last time, but, as insane as it sounds I will stand in line for GAs at NY's MSG show on the 21st.!


...take this shirt, and make it clean.

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