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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Bono Freak

First off, let me say, that i've been to between 35-40 u2 shows over the past 19 years...I'm truly amazed at how great this band sounds...they get better and better every year! (you know...just like wine!!)

After being shut out for tickets for this first leg of the tour (i'm a propoganda member), imagine my thrill at scoring tickets to both NJ shows (thanks craigslist.org!) i agree that the 2nd night was just a little more "on" than the first, although they both rocked! ...on the 16th, i was on the floor, which i usually love, but it was so hot (and i'm so short), that i thought i'd pass out if i didn't move to the back of GA. Once there though, i danced like a maniac...

last night my since my husband didn't go the first night (thanks for babysitting honey!), I let him take our floor seats (with my best friend), and I took a single seat in section 214...right on Edge's side. What a great view i had!! The lights and stage set up are great...love the whole bullseye look when the lights were off....I tried to text my name to unite, but alas, i'm text-challenged...no name on the screen for me.

we brought 5 people with us who have never seen the boys before....one was especially skeptical. after the show, i called to see what he thought...his response..."oh my god...we HAVE to get tickets for the fall leg"... I was excited to convert all of my friends, but realized that I'm just making getting tickets to see my boys even harder lol...

Basically, u2 really is the greatest band on earth...and i am a Bono Freak!!!

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