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by js

The show last night at the Meadowlands was my first of this tour and as a former Propaganda member I was instantly bumbed out, and actually shocked, that my GA tickets didn't get us scanned into the elipse. Bad luck but that's the new system and I do think it's a good one. My sweet wife and I 'edged' our way up to the elipse on the Edge's side and still had a great view of the show. Plenty of activity on that side of the catwalk. Highlight for us was hands down GLORIA. Other highlights were the new, strung out version of Elevation - to me this was a perfect example of U2 taking an older song, twisting it around, having the Edge come up with some strung out guitar riff that tweaks your guts and then the strong kick in that makes you want to punch in everyone's face around you. i almost ripped my wife's liver out during this one. great version. love and peace or else also murdered me. I NEED SOME RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE. killed me.

lowlights were the standard middle of the show. the obligatory bullet, pride, streets, one. tired of it...nothing new to these versions, don't need to hear them anymore this tour. also missed an cat and electri co. (i guessed dropped for gloria and the ocean). would prefer to hear all four in a show. the cell phone thing is retarded too.

overall had a great time. the new songs sound really good, particulary miracle drug, love and peace, and sometimes. minimal preaching by Bono this show.

the bit with the bankrobbers was bizarre. they totally highjacked i still haven't found what i'm looking for. the guitar guy hammed it up and then blasted away when i think bono wanted them to wind it down. pretty spontaneous moment for an otherwise pretty scripted show. but then bono reeled it in by giving Larry the big CUT signal.

finally, ending with Bad was huge. while Bad would usually fall into the group of classics i love but am tired of hearing live, ending the show with it is a whole other deal. Borderline epic. as a closer they jammed it out and it was the Bad i used to love (as opposed to the 4.5 minute polished version stuffed btwn streets and something else). great surprise and a great classic closer.

wish i could have gotten a ticket to saturday's show at msg but will have to wait until october.

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