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by Mark Freedman


I'm serious. This was definitely the best out of the 5 times I've seen them since ZooTV.

And hot, hot, hot, hot is right -- both literally and figuratively.

I was completely physically and emotionally drained (a lot of "lys" in this review) even before the encores. And to end it like they did was the topper. I'm surprised at a couple of the reviews here. Yahweh was amazing, and ISHFWILF with the Bank Robbers was hilarious and surreal!

I figured they'd play Bad, since they've sort of followed the pattern of playing it the second night in each city since they started playing it this tour, but when it got close to the end, there's no way I expected it any longer -- especially after the frenetic ISHF thing (wow - double speed was amazing). There was no way I expected them to close the show with it again, since Chicago 4 was the scrambled setlist, so I thought that was the exception. But when the first notes started playing, it took the show over the top for me. Awesome closer -- even better than "40", IMO.

The crowd was amazing, even the guy who stood next to me who was obviously on something all night, and was flying like a kite.

U2 definitely are an inspiration to us 40 somethings ;)

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