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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by AP

I'll try to set the scene first. Group of friends, about 12 in all tailgating for 3 hours prior to the show, talking about the old times. Remembering the first time most of us saw them together on May 11,1987 Joshua Tree tour. 18 years later most of us are just as pumped up, even though the core of the group has saw U2 live between 10 and 20 times. Proof enough of how long the band has lasted and held on to their following. Most of the crowd was probably closer to 40 than 20, but raucous and ready to go.
The band went on about 9:05. Cool entrance, especially Bono rising up from the floor. I still felt City of Blinding Lights isn't a strong enough opening, but Vertigo & Elevation was great. Loved the twist on Elevation, especially with the whole arena singing the first verse and the Edge blues distortion guitar work. Gloria brought back the old days, while the Ocean had people leaving their seats which is a shame, it was funny how they were all scrambling back when Beautiful Day started. I though that Sometimes was brilliant, it basically is proof to why Bono is one of rocks greatest voices. The show got really intense with the Love and Peace, Sunday, Bullet trio. Your heart felt every thump of Larry's drumming during that part. I wasn't a big fan of the theatrics by Bono, I feel the songs stand on their own and the Edge's guitar work was strong as ever on Bullet. Streets had the whole building literally shaking, and One inspired a huge sing along. How times have changed, I remember bic cigarette lighters, today we all used cell phones to light the place up.
First encore, Zoo Station didn't get the repsonse I thought it would. I heard people in my section asking what song it was. Might have been better hearing the Fly first, than Zoo. Felt lucky to hear Mysterious Ways, Bono picked a girl to dance on stage with during it.
Second encore even better. All because of you was explosive, plus after the show found out my brother in different seats than I proposed to his girlfriend during it. Pretty neat and touching. Yahweh was much better live, I don't particularly like the song much on the record.
Than the highlight, I still haven't found what I'm looking for with the Bankrobbers. I have been to shows prior when they picked a guitar player out of the crowd for People get Ready, but a whole band, just unbelievable. Amazing to hear the sped up last verse, felt in college again ready to slam dance into someone. Then my favorite song live, BAD to close the show with a snippet of 40. Great night, great to experience another U2 show. I'm glad I took the next day off from work, you get so into the show you end up being exhausted from such an emotional night. U2, thanks for all the memories.

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