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by dre

Just got back to Toronto after an incredible day and night in in Hamilton, home of, as Bono pointed out, the Family Lanois!! Arrived at Copps at about 9:30am for the GA line - there were already over 300 people in line!! So, hopes of getting into the heart grew slim, but happily ended up right along the outside of the heart on "Edge's Side". This was my 4th show of the tour, but the first GA experience!! I can never go back to stands again!! For anyone on the fence about going the GA route - do it!!! You will not regret the feeling and experience. From lining up all day and meeting some great people in line, to finally claiming your spot . . . by 7:30 we were ready to get things rolling. Garbage started will a great, tight set - Shirley sounded in top form, and plenty of "old favorites" for those who are fans - #1 Crush!!! But of course, our lads were the main event and after the crowd was suitably going nuts as the little sitar intro to Elevation started, there they were!! And it was beautiful. It was such an emotional night - so many powerful and healing moments in their music. At one point Bono hugged a large American flag from the tip of the heart - songs like Stuck in a Moment, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Kite, Bad, One, and Walk On just were amazingly relevant and spread such a feeling of unity throughout the crowd. The crowd had great energy - I Still Haven't Found turned into a powerful moment that prompted Bono to say "This feels like Church to me!" As as for the lucky guy who got to play (well, attempt to play!) guitar and sing a bit of People Get Ready - he actually did alright considering how nervous he looked - he was honestly shaking - no wonder he was having issues. But Bono was supportive "We have Faith!" he cried - and it turned into a great moment. U2 have such a power of connectivity and tonight was no exception.
A show, a night, a feeling that could not come at a better time. "Grace . . . it's also a thought that can heal the world" Best wishes to all those who have tickets for upcoming shows - going will remind you what is right with the world.

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