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by Pat

INCREDIBLE! I just returned from the show in Hamilton, and I must say, for the 7th U2 concert that I have ever attended (dating as far back as the Joshua Tree) this was certainly the most emotional and passionate performance that I have seen these guys put on!

I'm happy to see that they have kept playing "Out of Control" on this tour, ever since they played it in Toronto last May for the first time in many many years. During the introduction for this song (as you know it was their first hit single), he exclaimed, "Good evening, we're U2" and then during a break in the song Bono introduced the band members; all of this probably just like the way he used to do it during their early years at smaller venues.

I was especially moved during several parts of the concert (how could u not be?!?).

There was a fan at the tip of the heart who held up an American flag during almost the entire performance. Right after SBS Bono took the American flag and embraced it by wearing it around his body and stood there, still, for almost two minutes, clearly showing his sadness for what happened in the US last month. While he was stuck in this moment, he wiped tears from his eyes. Immediately after this he sang a verse or two from "When Will I See You Again" which clearly shows that his father (who passed away in August) is still very much on his mind. This led in nicely to "Stuck in a Moment" and "Kite" which he dedicated to his father.

In the encore they played (among other songs), "New York" right after Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On," and Bono updated some lyrics, including, "I'm changing this song - What's Going on in New York?..." Oh yeah - earlier in the show he changed "Angel of Harlem" to "Angel of New York" at least once during its performance.

During "One" on the back screens they showed the names of all the victims who passed away in the plane crashes during the attacks last month - a very touching moment.

Bono told us that this was not their first time in Hamilton, as Daniel Lanois and his family apparently live here. That's so cool -I had no clue that they have visited Hamilton so frequently! (Bono - look me up sometime :) )

One thing which I was hoping Bono would have done - was to express his feelings for what happened last month in America. I always love listening to what he has to say in moments like this, but this did not happen tonight.

Bringing that guy up on stage (at the tip of the heart) who held up a sign saying that he would love to play the guitar on stage with U2 was an awesome idea! After this fan was trying to strum on the guitar, he followed Bono and Edge around the heart to the main part of the stage, and then this guy started imitating what Bono does sometimes with the microphone (i.e. bouncing backward and forward and sticking out the mic to encourage the audience to sing along). That was definitely the highlight of the night.

I'm so glad my sister Sarah and her boyfriend Dave came to the show with me- this was the first time Sarah and I attended a U2 concert together since the Joshua Tree Tour, an event that seems like it was yesterday. Dean, Karen and Johnny - thanks for coming too! I had a BLAST!

Great show boys! "When Will I See You Again?" Hopefully very soon.

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