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by Marcus

Well U2's show last night @ Copps Coliseum was absolutely *superb*. Easily the best U2 show I've ever seen. The band was simply fired up like I've never heard them. Maybe the crowd helped this cause *everyone* in the building (even upper nosebleeds) was up and dancing throughout the show. Bono in particular was having a blast and sang amazingly once again. The minor setlist changes/additions were most welcome. Particularly noticable was how well the new material has matured since last May. Songs like Kite and Walk On were played with an anthemic quality to them. Another interesting change was how during One that the names of the passengers/crew from the highjacked planes were scrolled on the screens.

A hilarious highlight was a fan holding a sign right near the apex of the heart had a sign that read "me+ guitar=people get ready". Bono saw him and asked him if he could play "you're not shitting me are you"?. Next thing he knows Bono yanks the guy on stage and straps an acoustic on him and Bono + Edge and fan try to play the song but the fan didn't really know the chords too well so Bono proceeded to tell him the changes and then went behind him and chorded the guitar while the fan strummed. The was a hoot. After this ended Bono and Edge started walking back to the stage without the fan so the fan looked out at the crowd and shrugged his shoulders then decided to walk back to the stage with the band as well. He gets there and Bono hands him his mic and lets the guy sing. The crowd was going nuts at this cause it was so funny and the kid was being a real trooper since this "half a rock star" must've been nervous as hell. A really cool moment.

I was wondering if Daniel Lanois was gonna make a stage appearance since he's a Hamilton native and Bono mentioned his family was in attendence that night (Bono sang bits of the maker during ISHFWIL) but I guess he was not in town cause it never happened. All in all a KILLER night. I HIGHLY recommend trying to beg/borrow/steal a ticket to this tour if you don't already have one. Killer.

Beautiful Day
Until The End Of The World
New Year's Day
Out Of Control
Sunday Bloody Sunday
When Will I See You Again/Stuck In A Moment
(Bono raps about U2 having been to Hamilton many times to visit the
Lanois family.)
Angel Of Harlem
People Get Ready (with fan from crowd on guitar)
Staring At The Sun (acoustic)
Bad/The Maker (snippet)
Where The Streets Have No Name
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Bullet The Blue Sky
What's Going On
New York
With Or Without You
Second encore:
Peace on Earth/Walk On

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