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by John-David

Well, I can honestly say that I have never been a part of anything like that!! Last night was my seventh (and last) Elevation show, and I must say I have never seen or heard the band as fiery or fierce as they were last night! Simply put, the band was incredible. I don't know what they ate before the show but the energy started right from Elevation which just seemed more intense than ever. The opening salvo of Elevation, Beautiful Day, Until the End of the World, and New Year's Day (which was played) just blew the crowd away. And from there, the show just kept moving higher and getting more emotional. The 1-2 punch of Stuck in a Moment and Kite is just so emotional, so powerful. It brought me to tears and you can just see how much Kite means to Bono now.

The show just kept moving along at an incrdible level. Bad, Streets, I still Haven't found, and Pride were all more powerful than ever. The encore was phenomenal as well with the sonic and emotional blast of New York followed by the reflection and emotional poignance of With or Without You. It all just really went well. That was probably the best thing about the show, the pacing of the set. This setlist seemed to be the best of all the shgows I saw. It just moved much more fluidly than any of the others.

As for the guy pulled on stage, WHAT A MOMENT!! He was really nervous, you could tell. I was watching him shake, but he was shking for good reason. However, after Bono took the guitar from him he just got into it by singing his lungs out, and making up the words as he went along. A true rock 'n' roll moment.

Simply put, I really do not believe I will ever see a better concert than this. Thanks U2. Thanks for coming back and come again soon. Thanks for the elevation, and thanks for blowing me away once again.

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