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by Dwayner

We arrived at the venue at 7:30am, and we were 200th in line! For anyone going to a weekend show keep that in mind. I have to give respect to the folks who were at the Montreal show the night before, and drove all night and camped out for this show.

I also want to thank the folks from Wire who kept the line organized and prevented anyone from cutting in.

The day was pretty cool. We had the stereo with the U2 tunes going, and everyone was in good spirits. Security made us take away our gear at 1pm which was a pain, but what can you do. At about 3pm we could hear the band rehearsing. We put our ears to the doors and heard Bad, Gone, Pride, and Elevation(several times). About 5pm we heard Garbage. 6pm came and we were quickly moved into the building. The search was quick, but ladies if you can avoid it, DON'T bring a large purse! INTO THE HEART we went. We beside the walkway on Adam's side, about 10ft from the stage.

Garbage was in good form. I really hope the make a comeback, but I'll need to hear the new stuff a few more times and get familiar with it. Shirley made a comment that she would like tonight, because there Hamilton in her home country of Scotland.

Much of the show has been posted, but I will give a breakdown by song of some other highlights:

Elevation: The 3rd time I've seen this intro, and I haven't got bored of it. These guys have such stage presence!

End of World: Bono stopped right by us early in the song and read my sister's sign that said "Peace on Earth". He then did his foot balancing thing, and showed his tonsils to a Muchmusic camera. For those who know who he is, George Stronpopolus(sp?) was standing right next to us with some contest winners.

New Year's Day: This was left off the U2tours setlist, but it was played

Out of Control: Bono introed the band, and told the story of a band that couldn't play in tune of write a song, but they were gonna "Take Over"!

Bloody Sunday: Took and American flag from the crowd at the end of the song.

Kite: Dedicated to his dad.

Angel of Harlem: This had the whole crowd going. I could see people in the nosebleeds jumping up and down.

People Get Ready: As mentioned the guy was brought on stage. When Bono gave him the mike to sing he didn't know the words, so he sang something like "I don't the words, gonna make it up as I go along." Kudos to Bono for really making a go of it and not kicking him off the stage because he was nervous.

Bad: Something went wrong with Bono's earpiece, and he kept signalling by slapping his hands together. He got really pissed at one point and looked like he was going to break something.

Streets: OH MY GOD!

Still Haven't Found: Bono said "this feels like church" referring to a sign someone was holding that said "Our Church". True enough.

Bullet: The most powerful I have ever heard it. No intro video, but it didn't need it.

WOWY: Added the shine love's stars verse, which seems to be regular now. Good thing. This had extra meaning being played right after New York.

One: Before the song, someone in the nosebleeds was shining a laser pointer on the band. Bono said,"We don't like those things. We're from Ireland, and they remind of bad things." It was shut off.

I have to end this now. I'll just say that this is my 4th concert, and the most emotional I have seen Bono. For obvious reason's I guess. It was my first time in the heart. Adam and Larry really interact with the crowd which is nice. Larry will peek out from the drums and smile if you get his attention. Great show boys, thanks.

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