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by Justin (JON BON JOVI)

WOW! what a great experience i hit up the line at around 8:00 to meet with STEPHAN and his buddy SHANE who flew down from Thunder Bay. The only problem was they were in the GA line and did'nt have GA tix...so for the first 5 hours of the day i helped them try to get tickets..we did get one from a scalper but Stephan was still in need on a ticket..he decided that he would wait in the box office to see if anymore were on sale...i thought he was crazy..but some how the big jerk managed to pull a ticket out of his ass at the box office (i am just kidding i was more then happy for him)....except when he started making out with his ticket in line(yeah don't worry i got a picture and you'll all see it)So thus far as the day could'nt get any better i met Shirley Manson..no not the real one but she looked like her i swear! Her name was actully Kristen..but more on her later...For the rest of the day i got made fun of and picked on in the line...i was called Jon Bon Jovi to Bryan Adams to Christian Slater and then eventully back to Jon Bon Jovi...as bad as that was already, people around (JOHN/JERK and MIRANDA/JERK) decided to start singing Bon Jovi songs anyhow i managed to make it through the tourment and in to the venue. I ran straight to the heart just to get a wristband but when i was on the inside i saw STEPHAN,SHANE and yeah! Shirley/Katie and her sis...so i said i gots to go with those cool people so i ended up 6 people from the tip to the left and had the rail all to myself. Let me tell you, i have been in the heart and it's great but this is the place to be! After me almost being sick several times and almost about to leave my place to go the bathroom (i was sick all this week) I stuck it out and when garbage came on i felt good again...GARBAGE was AWSOME...I LOVE SHIRLEY MANSON (the real one)
They were great, I would go see them by themselves anyway. The first 3 songs they did were PUSH IT, SPECIAL and my fav I THINK I AM PARANOID. Shirley was really pumped and she great to watch as was the band. They are really talented and there music is great live. So after that the countdown was on! STEVIE WONDER'S HIGHER GROUND is forever linked to U2...it's awsome! Then 2 beatles songs were playing which was awsome caue everyone was singing along and then the reflux mix came on..and everyone suddenly had PERMA SMILE..Elevation was great as always and as was Beautiful Day..i could tell right away the band was on..Until the end of the world happened right in front of me i took about 10 pictures at the ending of the song alone...it was awsome! Sunday Bloody Sunday was fantasictic, Angel of Harlem was really fun and nice to hear and hats off to the guy who went up on stage..great job man, that was a great moment
They pulled off BAD and Streets perfect i never really cared for BAD all that much..i can tell you i do now! Still haven't found was cool to hear. Bullet the blue sky was incredable tonight..i don't know what it was but i had never heard it played so good. Edge nailed that song big time! I really did'nt wanna hear what's goin on..but it turned out to be one of my fav parts of the night...i am not saying why though...it was awsome how they had the names of the terroist victims on the screen during one and peace on earth the crowd really acknowleged that. Walk on was great as always. This is my third show and my favorite. They did'nt play my favorite songs but it was so energetic and the crowd was great and the people i was with were great it made for a better evening. Oh yeah and Shirley/Katie, i actully think she knew the words to every song it was hilliarious!
After the show i went with Stephan and Shane back to the hotel and out to HESS VILLAGE, we oredered a couple pitchers of beer and talked with all the other fans who were there. There was also a band playing inside that we could here and can ya guess what they played...yes a BON JOVI song..yeah real funny...a great ending to a great night. Thanks to everyone!

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