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by Curtis

WOWZA! Other than the fact that it sounded like bono inhaled some helium before the concert, it was absolutely phenominal! I had row 14 seats in section 110, just a little down and to the right from the heart (when looking at it from the south side). Excellent seats!

I saw U2 in Toronto on May24th this year and i have to say that there were more better things about the hamilton concert over TO one than there were TO over Hamilton.

Where to begin, hmmm.

The energy level felt so much greater this time for sure, and the warmup of the crowd as the remix started and U2 made their entrance was so priceless yet so hard to explain.

Although the fly and mysterious ways were not played, i hardly noticed that as they performed everything i wanted to hear this time around and more, which pretty much cancelled out me expecting anything more.

New Years Day, Out of Control, Bad, the added verses for With or Without You and One. Just seeing U2 in general makes my day, but those factors just made my year.

Bono saw a sign in the crowd at the tip of the heart that read "Me + Guitar = People Get Ready" and was invited onstage to play bono's acoustic guitar as bono helped him out and got the other members of the band to play along with him (and as bono sung the lyrics). But that's not all, as Bono took over the acoustic end he let this guy sing the rest.

At the end of Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bono took an American flag from the audience and draped himself in it. Where the Streets Have No Name performed live is just classic and can simply never get tired of it. And as expected, Bono made reference to being in the home of Daniel Lanois.

One heck of a long encore tho, i never expected 6 songs over the regular 4 or 5.
New York had never been in the encore list before. On the video screen behind the band during One, the crew and passengers on the hijacked airplanes were recognized from a list on the video screen behing the band.

I'm sure there's so much i can go on about, but i'm sure i've covered most of the key things that happened.

Excellent elevating concert, i can never go to something like that too many times. :)

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