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by Mark Baker

I posted this to alt.fan.u2 and alt.music.u2

Here is my story!

This was my eighth U2 show ever! I saw the first night of Elevation at the ACC in Toronto and I was up in the nosebleeds. This time, I wanted to see U2 the way I normally see them. Up close. I travelled from Pickering to Hamilton and lined up at 6am in the morning with my G.A. ticket to get inside the heart.

My day was a festive one, sharing stories, pictures, and of course love and hugs while waiting with others in line. The key was to be patient. Thank you to those fans who helped "police" the line by numbering us and giving us little tickets to prevent line hoppers. Your efforts were not in vain.
Thank you to Robert Carullo and his friend who I met off the internet from my old university. We made plans to meet and met in line. We spent the day together and it was wonderful exchanging our knowledge back and forth of the band we love so much.

After waiting what seemed like an eternity, I was the 90th person to hit the floor and be inside the heart. Luckily I bought a camera and what a special show it was. You can check the setlist at www.u2tours.com . Thank you to all of the wonderful people inside the heart who took the time and talked to me and shared their life and hugs as well. I honesty believe this was a special show. I was the brother holding the sign "OUR CHURCH" because I needed this show for some spiritual cleansing after the Sept 11 incident. Myself and Robert drew the sign while we waited in line. Bono has also made reference in the past that coming to a U2 show was just like or even better than coming to church.

During the show Bono made reference twice to my sign, he revealed information about the song "Kite", the fan who couldn't play guitar, his youthful story before "Out of Control", Larry giving his sticks to the fan beside me, touching the jacket of the Bono, and of course during "One" the names of the passengers scrolled across the screens which sent the people around me in tears. (I saw you Angelo!) This show was lifechanging, this band is lifechanging, this experience was unforgettable. I don't know whether to laugh or cry or really what to do with myself this morning.

I have pictures...but I have no scanner. If I get them developed I will try to post them...or if you email me I can do my best.

Please pray for these guys....they really give it every time they step on stage. Thank you to Daniel Lanois for being FROM Hamilton....Copps Coliseum was revitalized with the spirit and energy of love. I will never forget last night.

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