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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Amber

THAT WAS AN AMAZING SHOW! i went to the show in toronto on May 25 and i was way in the nosebleeds. but now i was in the heart right by Adam kind of on the side.

I got there about 7:30am with my brother and cousin and we were 200th in line! We met some amazing people that day and we were jamming to U2 songs all day!

Garbage was really good. I never really cared for them but after seeing them i want to see more! And for those who know who he is, from Muchmusic George Strombolopous was right in front of us through the whole concert!

But then.....U2 came on! I went mad!!! I was the one with the sign that said "Peace On Earth"
My highlights of the night:

When the band was coming out through the intro and Adam,edge, and Bono read my sign...I could see them read it. Its really amazing how when you are so close you can see there facial expressions and everything!

Then when Until The End Of The World started Bono was right infront of us doing that shaking thing like he was getting shot. Then he started to sing and was staring right at me and he was looking at my sign again. And the camera man that was beside me was recording and bono went up to it and shoved his foot in to the camera! (you should see the grips on his boots!) And he showed muchmusic the inside of his mouth!

Sunday Bloody Sunday was awsome! at the end Bono had his face buried in someones american flag, it was really emotional.

Then bad came on! That is my all time favriote U2 song and i had never heard it live before. When i heard it start i screamed and started to ball. It was amazing!It was also scary cause i guess Bonos ear peaice was messed up so he was slamming his hands together..but it wasnt working. The he turned and got really pissed and slammed is hands together hard! It scared me.

Streets was great! Very powerful. And when Bono was at the tip of the heart pretty much everyone was looking in that direction, so i turned to Larry and i noticed he was peeking through the drums and looking in my direction. And we made eye contact
so when Bono was singing
"i want to go there
with you" right when he said you i pointed at Larry and he had a big smile. i was in love! I also made alot of eye contact with adam too.

I thoguht it was cool when the fan got to play guitar and sign with U2. He was so lucky! but he looked so nervous!

Pride, With or With Out You was Amazing. Especially when the names of those who died in the attacks on the screen. That was really nice.

And during "Peace on Earth" Bono was singing, then he looked over to me, and i had my sign up he started to stare at it while he was signing, i started to cry.

U2 is the best, i have only seen them twice but thats because im only 15 and i was too young to see them before :( But they are the greatest and I love them forever!

U2 4 EVER!
Amber (if you have a recording of this concert please let me know by e-mailing me thanks) My e-mail is ambie_babe@hotmail.com

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