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by Shorty

That was my seventh U2 concert. I must say here and now that it was the best by far. After PopMart at the Skydome I was very disappointed and left wanting more. Could be because I had front row for ZooTV.

Saturday was special. They always put on a great shown. But this was one of those nights. There was an energy in the air that everyone felt. Even the band was into it on another level. Bono mentioned that he felt like he was at church. Church never really did for me what this show did. I came away feeling nothing but positivity.

I have lived in Hamilton my whole life and was especially proud when Bono made mention of Daniel Lanois and family.

I have a friend that met the boys when they were mixing The Unforgettable Fire at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton way back when. Bono was actually throwing snowballs at her from an open skylight.

The set list speaks for itself, and every song I wanted to hear was played. Especially BAD and ONE, which in my humble opinion are the best songs of the Eighties and Nineties respectively.

The new material seems to have even more meaning now in light of Sept. 11. The way they handled that aspect of the show was great. They didn't slap it in your face and instead let you draw your own emotional response to the list of passengers on the 4 flights. The hair stood up on my arms, because the captain of the flight that went down in Penn. was married to a Hamilton girl.

I just want to let everyone know that I think it is time for for the Rollingstones to pass the baton. U2 is now the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World. No offence to the Stones but these guys are just amazing.

Thanks guys for the soundtrack to my adolescence.

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