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by Lacey

i am still in shock! this is my second elevation show, first in the heart and it was amazing! my boyfriend and i got in hamilton at 2:45 on the 12, stayed at the Ramada and got in line at 8AM. we were #'s 236 and 241...i was so excited! walking around the corner to see the line my heart sunk b/c i thought i wasn't going to make it in.....
so anyway...after standing in line for a well-worth-it 10 hours we got in and sped walked into the heart....i couldn't believe it. the concert hadn't even started and i was saying it was already well worth my time and money..lol. but the show was great. i wasn't too excited about seeing Garbage (i'm not really a fan) but they were very good!! FAR FAR FAR better than PJ Harvey (BORING)! so the whole show was great. i don't even know what to say other than that b/c i'm still so psyched. [oh by the by i know you're reading this so HI JOEL! and if the people that were in line with us are reading this hi to you also!! :)] anyway, since my first u2 show i've become such a fan [oh i should thank joel for taking me to that THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!] and this was an experience i'll never forget. by far THE BEST concert i've ever been to!!

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