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by Miranda (Jon Bon Jovi Groupie)

First of all, I would like to thank John for providing me with the ticket to the best night of my life. I am forever in your debt!

We got there at 8:45am. We were actually discussing leaving later but because I saw a fair amount of people on wire were leaving early I decided we should too.

So, we got there...found Mandy, I hogged Mike's chair and poker game. A very nice, very dirty old man who was walking by talked to us for about 30mins. BIG George Carlin fan. Met some guy with glow in the dark hair from New Jersey (sorry, didn't get your name). Some time later John says to me "Hey, look at that guy over there...he looks like Bon Jovi!!" We giggled over that for a long time, and then we decided we'd go ask him if he's ever been told that before. Apparently he hadn't. We tried to get him to sing "Shot thru the heart" to no avail. His friends (Girl from band camp, Slane shirt guy and the crazy tall guy) were cool. Jon Bon Jovi wasn't the only celebrity there. We saw Edge waiting in line (can you believe it?#%@), one of the guys from Barnaked Ladies and best of all...Shirley Manson!
Jon Bon Jovi found Shirley Manson. We had to keep wiping the drool from his chin every now and then.

So it was about 4:30 and this guy with these little pieces of paper comes around saying "You can't get in without these" which we knew, of course, was a load of crap. When he saw that John and I (numbers 249 and 250) were standing in line with numbers 203-210 he starts saying to the people behind us "DO you mind that these people are butting infront of you?!?!" Trying to cause a fight. I almost belted the guy. We weren't trying to get ahead..we just wanted to get closer to Bon Jovi, and maybe get his autograph or something!

So we get in, Jon Bon Jovi, Shirley Manson and friends got execellent spots. Mine was okay...I was behind some people but still close enough to ~almost~ touch Bono. (I swear, I would have been able to if security didn't keep getting in my way!!)

I also got my picture taken with George Stroumboulopoulos. He's a cool guy. Short.

Garbage opened up for U2. I never really liked Garbage very much. When I thought Garbage I thought of their #1 Crush song off the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack which they played (Whoo hooO!). She has this cute punk haircut now. Anyway, I definately like them now.

Then, the main event. Our boys came on stage and opened with Elevation and then Beautiful Day. My two favourite songs off ATYCLB. Bono was in front of me for Until the end of the world and that's when I went camera crazy! (No, really..I think I took all my pictures then LOL). Sunday Bloody Sunday,Angel of Harlem were great. I was completely jealous of the guy with the sign ME + GUITAR = PEOPLE GET READY who got to go up on stage. I guess my ME + BONO = TRUE LOVE sign wasn't big enough for Bono to see.

They played Bad and Where the Streets have No Name, my two all-time favourite U2 songs!

After the show I rushed up to try to score some drumsticks but I guess I didn't elbow enough people in the face cuz I came back empty handed.

I was so wired from the show I fell down the stairs exiting the place. My ankle is still swollen. It's my U2 war wound. I'm quite proud. I think I've shown about a dozen people.

So to sum it all up, this was my first time seeing a U2 show and the whole experience was just incredible.

Amazing people in line, amazing band, amazing music.

I'd take a bullet for Bono!#@&%

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