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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Colin

After a 3000 mile journey from San Diego and a 12 hour wait in line, I wasn't prepared for U2 to completely outdo themselves. With Hamilton being show six of 10 on this oddessy of Elevation for me I thought that I might have seen it all. How much better could U2 be than they were in Albany and Hartford? Could they really completely blow those shows away? I am sure you all know the answer to this, and never again will I doubt the power of U2. Or a Canadien audience for that matter. I should have known that this show was going to be amazing when I found myself swallowed up in jumping mass in the heart nearly 5 minutes before the band took the stage. As chants of U2! U2! U2! rained down upon us from the rafters of the Copps Colesieum, chills ran up and down my spine. The crowd was electric, almost too much to contain as the first notes of Elevation blasted to our welcome ears. What suprised me most is how surprised U2 seemed to be. The entire show I witnessed them exchanging glances, as if to say "whoa". I even saw Larry smiling for most of the show. The glorioius songs rolled over us one after another and it seemed like no time before they were coming out for their encores. In a gesture I am sure was a reward for the immense for the crowd, Bono looked around at us during the final verse of With or Without You and smiled..then belted into the extra verse that we were all yearning to hear! It was a crowning moment of an incredible night, one I will soon not forget. Who know's...they may prove they can outdo even this performance. All Hail the World's Best Band...and for one night..the World's Greatest Audience.


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