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by Katie

I was a GA vigin going in to this show and I must say GA rocks!! ....i'm still in shock. I've only been to 3 U2 shows(2 Elevation/1 POP), but this was incomparable. Maybe it's b/c i had a wicked spot->1st row outside the heart....but i like to think that it's because this concert was a really special one.

For 'until the end of the world" when Bono and Edge do their little thing......i was right there......Bono laid down right in front of me-->i even got to touch his shoe!! hehe.
It made the night for me when they were about ot play "when will i see u again"(i think)--->the crowd as well as the band kind of paused for a bit because Bono was at the tip with a confused look on his face...it seemed like he didn't know what was going on......but it's all good cause i took advantage of that short moment of crowd silence and yelled "I love u Bono!"...and everyone giggled including Bono, as he looked at me (or atleast in my direction) smiling......awwww i'll never forget the look on his face.....hehe.
Bono taking the guy up on stage was also a highlight. Especially the look on Bono's face when he realised that he didn't have the rhythm of the song (i'm guessing it was his nerves) The look on Bono's face was kind of like-->damn...he can't play...but i can't ask him to sit down.......but after a bit of guitar lessons Bono got him into the grove of "people get ready"....and the guy took over and kicked ass -it was too good. The guy who was picked up on stage was about 5 people to my right....it looked as though he was gonna faint.

Speaking of fainting....a girl behind me was on the verge of fainting and was hanging off me....at first i thought it was just her emotions getting to her because it was during WOWY...but then i realised she was either gonna throw up on me or pass out.

It was great to be surrounded by hard core U2 fans. The fact that 4 guys can make over 18,000 people as happy as i was is unbelievable. I swear Bono has some sort of magical power in him that hypnotizes the crowd. The band is magical in it's self.

Special thanks to my sis,Sarah, Tom,and of course i can't forget the Jon Bon Jovie wanna be (justin), for making this day extra special. Justin: ur shirley manson compliments-->i'm taking them to the bank, don't worry....hhaha ur a loser. I loved seeing how everyone helped eachother out at the concert(except on the dash to the floor..haha). U2 fans taking care of U2 fans....that's the way it should be.

Best songs of the night for me---> Angel of Harlem,One, Kite, With or Without you


"I LOVE U BONO!"-->my personal quote (hehe)

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