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by Vik

This review is a bit after the fact. But man what an awesome show. The obvious highlight from the night was when Bono pulled that guy up out of teh crowd to play " People Get Ready". I personally had never seen a fan get pulled up by the band to play, and I was blown away when I saw bono reach out to that guy. He got off to a rough start ( hey who wouldn't?) but once Bono made Larry keep time it was great! At the end of the tune Bono gave the kid his mike and let him sing the last verse...One of the greatest moments I've ever witnessed in concert. The guy did great. It was more entertaning because of the rough start, and bono and the edge having to tutor him a little. Just Beautiful. I saw that fan ( I think it was him) hand Bono an American flag earlier that night..so he really made people turn green when he got pulled up as well.

As for the rest of the show Out of Control was a pleasant surprise I was going nuts when they played it, and seeing those names scroll during "one" made me want to burst into tears. The show was a personal one. Bono addressing his friend Willie NIles at the end of Kite and talking abotu the good friends he had in Hamilton..looks like he made a new one tonight...he got a new guitar player. Looking at the reviews from the other nights it seems that botht he american flag and pulling people up to play have become standards on this leg. So it looks like Hamilton's half rockstar left an impression on the band. What a night, u2 doesn't just play..they connect, and it was evident tonight. I'm actually glad this review was late because I think this show can only really be appreciated after seeing that it was a benchmark for shows to come after it. Anyways..I'm off to MIAMI!!! to see the boys one last time.

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