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by Jorge Chaves

My 5th Elevation this year and one of the best for sure! It started off by me arriving the day before at aproximately 8pm and going to my hotel which was 3 blocks from the venue. From my window I could see the lit up sign with U2 Elevation Tour 2001 SOLD OUT. I was going to check out the venue then but was tired and decided to chill and watch some tv and eat. Cut to Saturday morning, I get to the line at 7:30 AM to meet up with some people I know (Mandy aka macphisto) and to make sure I get into the heart. I got there that early and I was already number 204. While we waited through out the day, I talked with people from Michigan (Hi Carrie!), Calgary, NY, and other places. Once we got inside I walked into the heart, and I was ecstatic (4 out of 5 shows in the heart) and I still felt that feeling. At 7:30 PM Garbage opened up and put on a great show, Shirley Manson is a great performer and has real stage presence. At 9PM U2 comes on everyone goes nuts. Show highlights were, of course, Arun V. the guitar player, the extra verses at the end of WOWY, actually the whole night was a big highlight. There was a special energy there and we all felt it. As Bono said "This feels like a church!" and indeed it did.

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