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by Steve

Safe and sound after a rousing performance by the lads.

A nice opening by Arcade Fire, from Montreal. A real assault of the senses. From the group's near "musical chair" rotation of instruments to the lead singer's intricate vocal range, this group creates unique sounds.

It had been a while for me, but from the very start I felt I had picked up exactly where I left off. Bono commanded the stage and Edge strung along as only he can. The stage was vivid and captivating and the Ottawa croud was unlike itself...loud and united! The atmosphere was electric. My favorite bit had to be 'Streets', with unbelievable croud participation on the harmony. Bono gave us 'One' like he was out of his mind! They sure warmed up this croud on this cold November night.

Folks, I echo many sentiments when I say that this band of friends get you every time.
A great show!

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