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by Markis

Hey everyone,
I got back from my first U2 concert last night at the Corel Center and my ears are still ringing...
The concert was definately the most exciting performance I have ever been to, and I was not disapointed one bit!
I was so pumped when I actually managed to aquire the BEST place to stand in the entire arena (general admission just to the left of center). Why was it the best spot??? Well, aside from Edge and Bono playing directly in front of that area many times, it was also the area in which Bono asked me to come on stage and show off a "make poverty history" banner with a lovely lady from Niagra Falls.
After that incident I was pretty much shaking for the rest of the concert.
I was really glad that Ottawa fans were extremely loud too cause it shows U2 just how glad we were to have them back in Ottawa again.
I will take this concert with me for the rest of my life and the money I spent to get tickets for it from ebay was totally worth it.
P.S. If anyone has a picture of me on stage, can you please post it...my film ran out just prior to this happening.

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