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by Mike

The best concert of my life! My G/A ticket ended up being one of 100 tickets winning admittance for me and my two friends into the inner ellipse! We were three feet from Bono for most of the night.

What an experience! Opening with my new favourite "City of Blinding Lights", adding extra lines to "I still haven't found what I'm Looking For", continuing with one of my all-time faves "Sunday Bloody Sunday", and ending the whole night with "40". I'll be reliving this one for a long while!

We did the whole ETS bus thing and had a great experience. The only downside is that even though we were from Ottawa, we were told that we HAD to be on the bus in order to get our concert tickets so we ended up taking the train to Brockville so that we could get on the ETS bus to come back to Ottawa. Turned out that we could have just met them in Ottawa cuz that's when we got the tickets, but they had told us that we had to be on the bus so that's what we did. Kinda annoying but it makes for a great adventure to see U2, and makes a great story. Worth every penny regardless!

Arcade Fire was also very good. I had never heard of them until Friday night. I was pleasantly surprised! They are the most high-energy band that I've seen in years! I'm still not sure how to describe their style but any band of 7 or 8 teens that can belt it out like that while playing an accordian, a fiddle, electric guitars, tambourines, and beating on helmets like drums, are definately unique!

Overall, a tremendous show! Kudos to ETS for the bus tour.

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