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by neuikc

I remember to get tickets you had to mail in and they were sold on a lottery based system, each lucky mailer got I think two tickets, maybe.

Being seventeen at the time and only having one favorite band EVER, U2, this show was a huge influence on me. I recall sitting to left of the stage up high, not so high though as to not be able to see the whole band. I probably cried multiple times as I heard my favorites and newly found favorites played to my ear live for the first time.

The thing I recall most vividly about this show was how when they ended with "40" everyone was singing along, and I'm not lying when I say probably half the audience continued the chant as we made our way down the halls and out into the parking lot.

Reminiscing about this I can honestly say I never before or since felt so close to such a large audience. I felt genuinely positive about what people would do with their lives after coming out of something so amazing to me.

This "review" is really personal, I understand that, but it was because of this extraordinary band and this amazing night that I was able to grow into the man, I'm proud of, today.

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