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by Tom Rogers

My girlfriend is a huge U2 Fan and I am too. We left after the second song. The sound was so God aweful, I could not believe U2 didn't test their sound system in advance. You could not understand a word (except the lyrics you knew by heart).

We tried to get upgrades to a lower level but there were none available without spending $500 and the sound was not that much better at lower level. It was so disappointing and I don't know whether to blame the promoter, U2 or Jerry Jones.

Several staff stated the stadium was not made for concerts, so I enclourage everyone to boycott that monstrosity for anything other than sporting events and for that matter, it was poor for that also. They force you to stay in one section (you cannot walk around to other parts of the stadium. It was crazy.

U2, The stadium and the promottor should refund the money and appologize for a really crappy event.

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