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by Glenn

10/10 for the production, 7.5/10 for the setlist. A brilliant first 1/3 of the show - loads of energy, band in excellent form. They kinda lost me in the second third, probably because of that god-awful remix of Crazy. The gang I was with agreed too, even the two cherries that were with us. To be fair though, I was just bored with hearing Pride, SBS, One. Ultraviolet got me back on track for a few minutes - a real kick-ass version, loads of guts!!! but then we got WOWY (again, I've heard it too many times) and MOS - a real downer-type way to close the show. The Vertigo shows ended on a real high with everyone going mad to Vertigo. MOS is not the sort of song to go mad to. I just don't get their thinking on this. It's a really good tune but it's no show closer, not in a million years it isn't.

Still really glad I saw it though but also glad I decided to go just once this time.

Btw, that sound system is awesome - crystal clear and a great mix, just like the worlds biggest hifi.

To the Derry Wans on Tour 2, you really shouldn't be allowed out, really. A large FAIL for you.

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