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by Marty Russo

Another great show tonight and U2 reintroduced a song that was given an undeserving break in the set, "Unknown Caller" - the best song on the new album and one of the best live songs on the new tour.

I must address one thing though. U2 has dropped "With or Without You" on previous tours and played some of their best ever shows without it - especially during the Elevation Tour, then some nights on the Vertigo Tour. For some reason, someone inside the band, outside the band, or maybe the band collectively, thinks it's a good idea to keep dragging that song along. It sounded like garbage after "Lemon" during the latter days of the Zoo TV tour, and it sounded crappy and uninspired after emerging from the mirrorball lemon on PopMart. I don;t think I have heard two worse versions than the one from last night and tonight. Just uninspired and forced. They really need to drop that from the set altogether, and maybe replace it with something more worthwhile and relevant. Here are some realistic ideas...

Last Night on Earth
Electric Co
Out of Control
Mothers of the Disappeared
In God's Country
When I Look at the World
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Love and Peace or Else

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