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by Gale Vaughn

This is my 2nd show, seen them in Barcelona on opening night, and I will see them again tomorrow. Both shows were great, I liked Spain because you couldn't beat the "unknown" everything naturally, was unpredictable because it was the 1st show... the crowd in Spain are a little crazier and seem like natural party goers. However, Dublin they performed much better, they were tighter and definitely more emotional, there was something very special in the crowd being that it was in their home town. The new songs really are taken off well, better than I ever thought. Ultraviolet is the highlight of this tour. It's amazing how this fan favorite is so big on this tour and Bono really sings the hell out of it.

I can't wait for them to get rid of With or Without you, especially the fact that they play this song at the end.. with no passion??? You can tell that they don't enjoy it and so many people are in the restroom. They aren't doin any justice to that song even to the casual pop hit fans, most of them seem to be disbelief to how dragged out this song sounds. I don't understand it. Play "Sometimes you can't make it..." as your big it. It's has many things in common with WOWY if you are gonna play a big hit at the end. It is a ballad, it's a number #1 song, it won "Song of the Year" took a grammy, but the best reason they should play it is because it's fresh and they aren't tired of it. Moment of Surrender is a great ender, has a great climax, sort of like "40", the fans are really into that one.

I look forward to my final show!!! I have a feeling that the hometown is in for a special evening. Maybe "Sort of Homecoming!" :)

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