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by Michi

Night 2 in Dublin.

I flew in from Miami with high hopes for these 2 shows. Friday was on the pitch & it was fantastic. Today, I was in the stands. On the pitch I was surrounded by people from all over the world. Today everyone around me was Irish...it was amazing. No one left their seats to go get a drink, no one sat, no one moved until the lights came on. Tremendous respect for their home town band. They cheered & sang & showed their love in a way I had never seen before.

Being in the stands I got to see the light show that I didn't see on Friday being up by the outer rail. It was an amazing show.

Seeing the crowd around me go crazy during Sunday Bloody Sunday was very special. There was an older man behind me (I am 41), who was quite the whole show & when that song came on he sang at the top of his voice & cried like I have never seen a grown man cry. It moved me to tears. The woman in front of me told me that song was special here in Croke because of hill 16 & the Bloody Sunday incident of 1916. I thought I could do without hearing SBS again...I was wrong hearing it with all these Irish people screaming the words has made me want to listen to it over & over again.

Streets was amazing. To see the entire stadium lite up & everyone having the time of their life was amazing.

If you go see more than one 360 show, see at least one on the pitch & one in the stands, 2 very different shows. Also don't sit there and analyze the set list before your show. Go and enjoy the moment. You may rediscover an old favorite that you thought you were done with.

My 2 show in Dublin were the best U2 show I have seen. I have been going to U2 shows since 1985 & have now seen 22 shows. These shows were very special. The band was amazing. The sound was great. But the crowd was what made it all the more amazing. Thanks to everyone for making the reality better than the dream I have had for the last 20 years!

Until New York & Tampa!

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