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by Evan Kaye

A good friend of mine alerted me of U2 playing in Dublin, and I thought to myself: Why not? After all, I just got my settlement check for 45k, and I thought I deserved a trip to Dublin.

Note that I am not a U2 fan. Songs like Surrender and Lady With a Spinning Head are my favorites, but I never got into them-until tonight.

As a devout Muslim, U2's music never found a place in my heart. Sure, they write about meaningful things, but my faith is not all that open to music.

During New Year's Day, a moment of clarity shined on me. i should be accepting of all of my brothers and sisters.

Bono sounded great. The Edge sounded great. Larry sounded great. Adam Clayton Jr. clearly had problems tonight. He was able to get through the songs, but he was having technical issues. Adam could not play With or Without You, and the audience could kind of tell. He kept on motioning to Bono, but he he could not help.

My concert companion, Paul Eisenberg, could sense it as well. Paul said that Adam could not tune it.

That one song that goes, "I'm Wide awake" was great.

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