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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Jon M

WOW! What can I say...

Good: Crowd reaction to songs that seem played out in US but rocked last night like NY Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday..

Bautiful Day also got whole crowd lit up.. Pleasant surprise was how much better new songs are live. Boots rocked and I am not a fan of that song. Breathe, Magnificant all amazing..

Stay Faraway So Close was one of the songs that got me into U2 so was awesome to see it live in a rare appearence..

Special: Bad! Bono sang his ass off on this crowd went crazy Ultra Violet also on fire.. WOWOY is my favorite U2 song ever but I had to admit it was getting Bullet bad lately live.. Amazing what a motivated Bono, great hometown crowd could do...as the long guitar sequnce was playing bono was saying something like "I got something to say I'm gonna say it"... I turned to a friendly irishman and said Stars will Shine please..sure enough the stars will shine in the summer night!!.it really adds to the song, makes it so special even the crowd was shocked as most at started the now familiar last round of oh oh oh oh. Moment of Surrender is not the ideal closer but such a beautiful song and Bono is all soul on it.. Also the lights especially during wowoy are heavenly..

Bad: not much.. there were some technical mess ups on 2 occasions I think but Bono joked about it.. Tutu speech while meaning well def does take away from streets crowd just dosent explode at intro .

Been to 13 U2 concerts now and this passed the 3 encore Boston show for me.. Was GA and the energy was off the charts..Have to disagree with earlier post as sound from GA edge side was incredible..very clear! I came over from the States monday morning and to see so many from the US, Brazil, Japan... It sounds cheesy but in such a cynical word what a great thing for people from all over to come together even for a few hours with such positive energy.. See you in Boston!

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